Julian writes to Jeremy Hunt

Julian Brazier has written to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, in support of the bid by Helen Whately MP and CHEK to get support for a medical school in Canterbury and an expansion in services at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital (letter below).

Brazier praises success of “legal highs” ban.

At a Justice Questions session on Tuesday 25th April, Canterbury MP Sir Julian Brazier praised the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, which banned so-called “legal highs” and provides law enforcement with the extra powers they need to deal with the constant development of new psychoactive compound



Sir Julian Brazier MP has today written to the Attorney General, asking for a review of the sentence handed down to brothel keeper, Mr Ten Gao at Canterbury Court on 11th April.

Text of the letter below:

“Regina v Ten Gao

Brazier: EU Needs our Security Cooperation as Negotiations Start

At the Prime Minister’s Article 50 speech yesterday (29 March), Julian Brazier emphasised that as Britain prepares to leave the European Union, the European Union should consider the important contribution Britain makes to European security.