Maritime Affairs

Conscious that Britain is a seafaring nation, Julian takes a close interest in maritime affairs and is proud to have the working port of Whitstable in the constituency. 

Pilgrims Hospice

When the Trustees of Pilgrims Hospice announced in May 2014 that they were going to close all sixteen beds in the Canterbury hospice, to focus more on outreach work, Julian was dismayed.

Flooding in Kent

Throughout late 2013 and early 2014, much of England was hit by some of the heaviest rain that we have seen for years. Kent was among the areas seriously affected. 

Legal Highs

In 2012, sixty eight young people across the United Kingdom died after ingesting what has come to be known as “legal highs”. Many others have been ill or hospitalised after taking them, including a student in Canterbury who was just 10 minutes away from death after taking “Exodus Damnation”. Unfortunately, these young people made the mistake in thinking that because these products were legal, they were safe.

Adventure and Youth Activities

Julian has fought hard to promote outdoor adventure, especially for young people to have the opportunities to learn about risk management, self-discipline and teamwork. He thinks that if young people aren’t afforded opportunities for structured risk taking, then they will go out and find excitement themselves. At best, this will be more dangerous than properly structured activities.

Defence & Foreign Affairs

Julian served as an Officer in the Territorial Army for 13 years. Before entering Parliament in 1987, he served in the Gulf in both a military and civilian capacity. 

Protecting Our Countryside

Kent is widely known as the “Garden of England”. Its beauty and open spaces bring people from all over the world, proven by Kent’s thriving tourist industry. Julian lives near to the Denge Forest and walks frequently in Kent's countryside.