About Sir Julian

Julian Brazier was educated at Wellington College and won a scholarship in Mathematics to Oxford University. Julian worked for nine years with Charter Consolidated plc, (mining and industrial holding company), doing economic research, corporate finance and as secretary to the executive directors. Then three years with HP Maynard as an international management consultant. He served as an officer in the Territorial Army for thirteen years, five of them in the SAS. A practising Christian (R.C.), he is married to Katharine and they have three sons.

Political Career

1987 First elected to Parliament for Canterbury and Whitstable. Successful early campaigns ranged from woodland preservation to protecting intellectual property rights against government confiscation. As Secretary to the Parliamentary Maritime Group, Julian helped achieve a better tax status for the Merchant Navy.

1990 Mission to war-torn Beirut to support embattled free enclave.

1990 Appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary to Gillian Shephard, who was a Treasury Minister and then Secretary of State for Employment

1995 Supported John Redwood’s leadership challenge against John Major’s government.

1996 Organised British delegation to Anglo-Lebanese conference in Beruit on freedom and democracy, held in defiance of Lebanese government and attended by US and UK ambassadors.

1996 Won Spectator Parliamentary Backbencher of the Year Award, for campaigns defending marriage and ameding legislation to sell off MoD housing to protect service families.

1996 Appointed President of Conservative Family Campaign.

1997 Re-elected despite huge swing in which half of Conservative seats were lost.

1997 Appointed to Defence Select Committee

1996/8 Visits to Washington, Moscow, Budapest, Sarajevo, Kosovo and Belfast.

1999 Co-author of ground-breaking joint UK/US book with five other writers, including Kate O'Beirne and Dr John Hillen "Not Fit to Fight".

2000 Founding Co-Chairman of All Party Adoption Group, established to get children languishing in state care adopted by a loving family.

2001 Left Defence Select Committee on appointment to Opposition Whip’s Office.

2002 Appointed a Shadow Minister for Work and Pensions.

2003 Appointed a Shadow Minister for the Home Office, with specific responsbility for drugs and alcohol abuse.

2003 Shadow Minister for Trade and International Development.

2005 Appointed Shadow Transport Minister with responsibility for aviation and shipping.

2010 Elected to 1922 Executive Committee.

2010 Elected Co-Chairman of the Parliamentary Ports and Maritime Group.

2010 Re-elected to the Defence Select Committee.

2011 Appointed by the Prime Minister to the Reserve Commission as Deputy to the Vice Chair of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nicholas Houghton.

2011 Elected President of Canterbury Sea Cadets.

2014 Successfully fundraised and launched a new Canterbury Sea Cadets Headquarters.

2014 Appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defence, with responsibility for the Reserve Forces.

2016 Received a knighthood in the New Years Honours list